2006 marks the 16th year of the OPM band.
Since their inception in 1990, OPM has created
a large and diverse fan base, because of their
ability to “cross over” from their traditional
Polish/push style polkas into varying styles of
Cleveland/Slovenian, German, and Czech styles.
Their versatility has earned them support
throughout Florida’s entire polka community,
as evidenced in their bookings in many non
traditional polish events such as Octoberfests,
cultural and ethnic festivals, theme parks and
conventions. For the “traditional polish polka
fan”, OPM can still be found at your favorite
Polish Club, Polka boosters dance, or various
Elks clubs, churches etc.... featuring Polish
polka nights. They are also featured regularly
at the Villages main gazebo at Spanish Springs
or Lake Sumter Landings, for their regularly
scheduled polka nights (free admission).
Whether you are a regular Florida OPM fan,
or a seasonal visitor, we invite you to check
out our schedule page for the many places we
will be performing throughout the year.
For those of you who have not heard OPM,
the group features veterans in the Polka field
formerly of such well known bands as
The Versatones, New Brass, Dynatones,
Toledo Polka Motion, and Bruno Mikos.
Stop in and say hi to the guys at our next dance.
We will look forward to meeting and greeting you.


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