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Meet The Band...


Steve Dudas- Trumpet & Vocals
Steve is OPMs biggest “polka veteran”, having performed with the New Brass (an original “Golden Brass” member), Polka Country Musicians, Eddie Forman, and some part-time appearances with Jersey Richey, Stephanie, Marion Lush, and other well known bands. Originally from Chicopee, Mass., he relocated to Florida in 1994, and has been a member of OPM since 1997. Steve and his wife Bev have three children, Jennifer, Steve Jr. (a former OPM drummer), and Bethany. Their canine daughter “Roxy” is a cover girl on OPMs latest CD “Working Like Dogs”. Steve’s biggest hobby is boating, and he is a supervisor/trainer for the United States Postal Service.

He and Beverly reside in beautiful Eustis, Florida.


Jimmy “K” Krzeszewski – Accordion & Vocals
Despite residing in Rising Sun, Indiana,  Jimmy K still manages to make a large part of OPMs bookings, especially in the busy Florida polka seasons of fall, winter, and early spring, thanks in part to an increase in bookings, (and
cheaper air fares !!)over the last few years. Originally from Saginaw, Mich., Jimmy is well known in the industry, and has played with many notable bands, such as Mark Janson’s Brass Express, Toledo Polka Motion, and led his own band as well, Jim Krzeszewski’s Harmony Jacs. As well as being self-employed, Jimmy also runs JimmyKpolkas, an internet based polka store selling CD, Tapes, Videos, and related items. He and his girlfriend Jill Czerniak plan to relocate to Cleveland in the near future, but we’re still trying to convince him that Florida’s a much better choice!!


Ron Pastecki - Concertina, Accordion & Keyboard
Ronnie was born and raised in Chicago and learned his craft under the influence of all the great Chicago style bands.  He has played with Eddie Blazonczyk & the Versatones in the late 60's and early 70's, and has recorded many albums with them.  Ronnie and his family relocated to the Ft. Lauderdale area back in 1972, and has been with OPM since 1992 and is featured on all 3 of their recordings.  Ronnie and his wife Anne have recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and are the proud parents of 4 children, Linda, Anne, Lori, and John.  Collectively they have 7 grandchildren and a special grand puppy (Tiffany) who is pictured on OPM’s latest release, “Working Like Dogs” Ron is a freight auditor with the transportation industry. 

Mike Pavlin - Bass & Button Box
Mike is originally from Grand Haven, Michigan.  Although Mike’s early influences were in the Slovenian side of Polka music, Mike has adapted really well to playing polish style, and has added a new dimension to the band with his talented stylings on the button box. Before returning to his polka roots,  Mike has also performed with jazz, rock, gospel, and bluegrass groups. Relocating to Florida in 1981, Mike  played with a few local polka combos before joining OPM in 1990. His hobby is sports, and he is a salesman for Protec Hurricane Windows. Mike and his wife Bea reside in Clearwater.

Rick Piotrowski - Trumpet, Reeds, Bass & Vocals
Rick hails from the upstate New York city of Utica, and grew up in a small, heavily Polish-American village of New York Mills. Rick was exposed to polka music at a very early age, as his family built and owned the once-famous Mayfair Park, which featured many famous polka bands from the late 40s, to the early 80s. Starting to play professionally at the age of 13 in 1969, he and his brother Dan co-led the Piotrowski Polka Brass for about 10 years. He then relocated to Buffalo to join the Dynatones for three years until 1980, when he relocated to Florida. After playing with some local combos for 10 years, the opportunity to form his own band presented itself, and he started OPM in 1990. Rick and his wife Lauri (our lovely webmistress), have three children, Ricky Jr., Jennifer, and Adam, as well as three good- looking mutts, Shawna, Maggie, and Sparky, all featured on the cover of OPMs new recording, “Working Like Dogs”.  Rick’s hobbies include baseball, and plays catcher for the Orlando Cardinals of the Men’s senior baseball league, and also enjoys home-brewing beer. He is a territory manager for Mote-Osborne and Associates, an automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers rep agency. Rick and his family reside in the Orlando suburb
of Oviedo.


Ray Szelest - Drums
Ray hails from the Penn- Ohio area town of Farrell, Pa., and has been playing drums since 1990. Prior to relocating to Florida in 1999,  Ray played part-time with Bruno Mikos and other local bands.  Ray and his wife Gina now reside in Tarpon Springs, Fl with their two children, Nicole and Matthew, and their special girl “Samantha” who you can see on the cover of OPM’s latest release “Working Like Dogs” .  Ray’s many hobbies include hunting, beach going, president of his children’s  local little league, and golfing.  Ray is the National Channel Accounts Manager for the Xerox Corporation.



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