On behalf of the entire OPM band, I'd like to thank all the polka D.J.s, columnists, fellow musicians and bandleaders, and supporters throughout the country that helped spread the word about our recent national TV exposure at the Capital One Bowl halftime show New Year's Day on the ABC network.
My family and I were at the game to witness the performance of our song "Florida Sun", from our latest CD "Working Like Dogs", and while it no doubt was a thrilling experience, there was a little concern that it might not have made it on TV for fear of being pre-empted by a commerical, score update, or such. Thanks to all the calls and e-mails I received, we were assured that the song was on, and in it's entirety!! What made the whole event even more thrilling was the fireworks and fanfare that accompanied the song, which was the finale of the medley...what an awesome experience!! Special thanks and congrats as well to Gene Mitchell and the Big Coconut Band, who did us proud with their rendition of our song, and Bruce Hart of ESP productions, and all their cast members, who did a spectacular job with the sound, choreography, and all the various logistics an event such as that demands.
Should anyone be interested in obtaining a copy of the show, log on to www.espshow.com . Thanks again to all that watched, and sharing our moment in the (Florida) sun!!
Happy and Blessed New Year to all,
Rick Piotrowski/OPM