Plumbing Leaks Attract Unwanted Pests


Plumbing leaks can lead to a number of unwanted problems for your home or business. It increases your water bills as you pay for the water you don’t use and create a mess that requires massive cleanup from time to time. If the plumbing leaks are not fixed immediately, it can cause damage to the floor and walls.

But there is another serious problem due to plumbing leaks – it leads to the increase in household pests.

Plumbing Leaks Attract Unwanted Pests

Why do Plumbing Leaks Attract Pests?

Food and water attract insects and pests. Food is always available in your home. Water from leaks in pipes can satisfy drinking necessities and provide favorable habitats attracting pests. If you find that your home is suddenly infested with more pests, there may be a plumbing leak that you are not aware of.

A leaky pipe combined with moistened surroundings will become the new home ground for pests like cockroaches and even rodents. Other unwanted guests like termites, carpenter ants and others will find the wet wood of the wall and flooring ideal for burrowing and making their new homes.

You can even attract snakes and mosquitoes due to a plumbing malfunction.Plumbing Leaks Attract Unwanted Pests


How to Find the Plumbing Leaks?

If the leak is big enough to make a dripping sound, you can track the location of the leak more easily. However, sometimes, the leak may not be visible unless you know where to look for it.

Take a closer look in your bathrooms and kitchen for the accumulation of small water droplets. If there is dripping between your tiles, it can be due to leaks in pipes.

Sometimes, your carpet may become soaked in particular areas which indicate a leak.

If you have a wash basin or a tub, look closely at the caulk that connects to the wall. Damaged caulking leads to water leaking on the floor.

In a second story building, you sometimes have to inspect the ceiling because the bathroom or toilet in the upper story can have cracks in the pipes above the ceiling.

The grout in your tiles prevents water leaking and damaged grout can result in water leaks.

The kitchen sink rim is also one of the most common places where leaks exist. The damaged sealant can cause water leaks. If the U-shaped bend under the sink is not properly secured, it can start dripping water.

The waterline leading to your ice maker and refrigerator should also be checked for holes and leaks. It may cause water pooling underneath the appliances, which is loved by pests.

You should also inspect the water lines that connect to your washing machine, dishwasher and any other appliance with a water connection.

Plumbing Leaks Attract Unwanted Pests

What is the Solution to Plumbing Leaks?

The only reasonable solution to dealing with plumbing leaks is calling an emergency plumber Sydney to repair the leaks. Even though you inspect carefully, you might miss a few leaky spots in your home that can invite pests.

Also, without proper equipment, you cannot trace leaks in pipes and joints behind walls or under your floor.

Trained plumbers know exactly where to look when there is a leak suspicion. You should fix the leaky pipes and repair the damages as soon as possible to avoid contamination by pests.

Depending on the extent of damage, the experienced plumber will offer the right solution. Also, proper maintenance will increase the value of the property and require lower overall maintenance cost.